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About KeyDragon: Dragon Metal

KeyDragon has been pounding out the metal tunes for over 8 years now. Working with various forms of metal and musicians, KeyDragon has evolved into a Dragon Metal band. Dragon Metal is a form of Gothic metal that combines traits of Doom and Power metal. The songs are all about Dragons and are sung by the angelic Tamara Venus Star. Ron Langford provides the “Dragon Vocals.
KeyDragon takes you on a mythical journey through time to explore the many legends of the Dragon. The songs are about Dragon legends from around the world and from the time of 60 BC to 1900’s AD. The Dragon legends contained in these songs have been thoroughly researched and are the most accurate legends of our time. You will explore Dragon tales from biblical times, the Crusades, the Romantic Era, The Renaissance, The 1700’s, 1800’s, and the 1900’s. These legends come from around the world. There are legends from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. These legends come from people of all walks of life. These legends exist among the tribesmen, native Indians, peasants, nobles, merchants, crusaders, warriors, and priests.


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