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Order In Chaos Music music licensing store
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Order In Chaos Music

About Order In Chaos Music: Born in 1967, I started to experiment with electronic music on a Commodore 64 and Atari 1024 ST back in early 80's. Order in chaos is my last project, after Dee5 and psycho Tripper. I mess with electronic music since longtime now , and after nearly 25 years it is still my great passion. I have always wanted to be able to create songs that in some way come from that same place in me that felt so much for the music that defined my childhood, beautiful music. I try to capture the moments that are my life in the songs that I create. . My music style really match me, it is versatile, it can be very quiet or more energetic.I write all of my own material , record, mix, master and bring it to your ears.

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