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Drop Alive

About Drop Alive: Two powerful Italian performers let down by their country's stale musical scene. Atti takes care of vocals and guitar riffs while Ardog nails his manic drumrolls. A self-taught player, Atti absorbed genuine hard rock influences which he translates into a trademark sound. Ardog's heavy rhythmic approach is purely metal and mental! The clash between them gives birth to a distinguished blend of music, as can be heard on their self-produced 2007 album, the eponymous "Drop Alive" (FREELY DOWNLOADABLE ON WWW.DROPALIVE.COM). Their live shows are wildly entertaining. These guys are constantly looking for interaction with their audience and they always pull all sorts of crazy tricks. Their songs find yet another dimension when Drop Alive unplug, get hold of an all-acoustic setup and let the purest essence of the tunes pour out. Meaningful lyrics, a loud and clear message, a very personal approach. Drop Alive aims way beyond high!

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