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About Gnarlene: KampOut announces the release of Gnarlene’s sophomore album Blood & Treasure. This release contains the radio ready indie rock singles She’s Got A Fast One and Frank McKracken and nine other sonic gems ranging from honky tonk country to scorching bdsm metal and way beyond, tied together with Gnarlene’s patented “South Park Sound”.

About Gnarlene
Gnarlene is a musician and songwriter living on the grungy banks of the Duwamish River in South Park, a light industrial neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Gnarlene is proudly gay and lesbian and strives to confuse your gender conceptions and bedazzle your fashion senses with her pink wiggage and jewel encrusted sweater creations.

Maybe it's the PCB's. Maybe it's the heavy metals. Or could it be the cool, artistic vibe that permeates the area and causes the neighborhood to reek with wanton self-expression. Whatever it is, South Park has provided the inspiration for Gnarlene to produce her best work to date.

Recorded at Self-Adhesive records in Fremont/Seatttle by Jon Goff and mastered by Barry Corliss at Masterworks, this album packs a punch with catchy punk/pop tunes in the best Seattle post grunge tradition.

Think Mudhoney meets Flight of the Conchords.

Check out the video for She’s Got A Fast One at: http://youtube.com/gnarlene
Easily the best music video ever created for under $55.00

More info and pictures available at:
http://www.myspace.com/gnarlenerocks and

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