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Cherry Creek music licensing store
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Cherry Creek

About Cherry Creek: The Band Cherry Creek formed in the Spring of 2008 quickly releasing the EP UnderCurrents. Currently the band is led by Singer/Songwriter Teresa Davis, and various guest musicians. Teresa was born with musical and visual synesthesia, into a caboodle of highly musically talented siblings. Teresa's been writing, composing, singing, feeling, and “hearing the music” since the age of four. This unique ability has led to a catalog of over 730 musical compositions and songs. Teresa received classical voice training at the Valley College in LA and later under the guidance of Henry Butler. Guitar instruction was taken under the guidance of professional rock guitarist Ted Labash. Activities through the years have included dancing through many music videos, singing and performing with countless bands, bit and extra parts in movies, cheer leading, modeling, a career in the medical research field, computer sciences, political advising, and volunteer work with youth groups.

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