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About WE$T BANK: They’ve been compared to the Fugees, yet others would swear they’re straight up Reggae dance hall. No wait, Reggae pop? No, no, no, they’re jazz/R&B. So what do you get when you put all these elements together? A new band called West Bank with a flavor so tight they defy definition. “We want to create a whole new sound, always with that Reggae vibe,” says lead band member, Joe West. The group is “a musical bank of talent that represents the West Indies as well as the whole Western hemisphere.” West Bank has a sound like no other. Just when you think you know their sound, they’ll hit you with another cut and take you in a whole new direction, the next cut being just as tight as the last. And no matter your specific taste in Reggae, you’re sure to enjoy every one. Relevant, fun, and fresh, their lyrics possess a timeless appeal and reflect the cultural richness that is the Caribbean. Even their dance hall cuts are anything but typical. Audiences will bounce to their beats and vibe with their message long after they’ve left the clubs. West Bank is destined to connect with audiences for many generations to come.

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