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Morgan Hill

About Morgan Hill: *Psychedelic Blues - A plant grown from the roots of Robert Johnson, treated by Koko Taylor, cared for by John Lennon, continued growing in the hands of Tom Waits and finally adopted and infused as a hybrid by Morgan Hill. Something new that somehow sounds familiar, yet unique.

Born in the midwest, raised in the desert, he desperately searched for a place of solitude. In his journey, he realized the only consistence, the only true "home" was within the music he simply could not help but create. An artist in every sense of the word. Hill is someone who writes because it's the only way to sift through the thoughts in his roaring head.

Morgan is currently finishing production on his debut, self titled album. He has had the great fortune of recording with Grammy winner John Chelew, who has been instrumental in the creation of a wild, timeless, soulful record.

A story currently being written in the shadows of a Hollywood apartment, Morgan is by all means, a renaissance man, an artist.

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