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Tindall Productions music licensing store
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Tindall Productions

About Tindall Productions: Want that warm sound in a digital age? Tindall Productions is the company for you. "Call it a Golden Ear" We are more than a recording/tracking studio, we mix, engineer and produce music from the ground up. We provide artists with an environment truly for the musician designed by musicians. Your music is valuable to you and we take that same value in our hands when dealing with your songs. Whether you are a Major artist or your average weekend MC, we put the same amount of energy and pride into the "little guy" as we would put into a major artist. Tindall Productions can record and track any piece band with industry standard mic's and pre's to give your band that perfect sound you the artists have in mind. Your vision is our vision, its about having a good time,high spirits,relaxed vibe while maintaining a productive work pace for your song or album. Mixing or re-mixing is available to any client. Options for mixing are in the box, or out of the box. If its music we can take on your project we can do R&B,Reggae,Pop,Hip Hop,Latin,Surf. Voice overdubs for commercial spots or film. The job of a Producer is different than a Mix Engineer be sure to specify which best fits your needs when getting your song crafted at Tindall Productions.


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