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Tricked Out Country

About Tricked Out Country: New York City based Drummer/Vocalist Anthony Liccese began working with country singer/songwriter Neil Scott Johnson in 2002. Little did they know that their work together for the better part of a decade would end up in a partnership that would create Tricked Out Country, a new CD/DVD where two genres collide to form a fresh new sound. It is “Where Country Meets Jazz.”
Liccese saw the strong classic nature of Neil’s songs and suggested he produce a handful of them with a brand new approach. "Country songs with a bit of a twist," relates Anthony. As things moved forward, the project, which Liccese and Johnson had dubbed Tricked Out Country, began playing around the New York area to an overwhelmingly positive response. So that run we had felt good and was an affirmation that we should create this product.”
The duo then met trumpet maestro Ken Scharf through a mutual friend in the inner circles of the NYC music scene. Scharf had picked up the trumpet in the fourth grade, and after high school attended the prestigious Manhattan School Of Music. Shortly after finishing college, Ken scored a gig with legend Ray Charles, with whom he played for the next twelve years as a featured soloist.
"When we heard he was available for this record, we hired him on the spot, no questions," states Liccese.


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