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About Dar.Ra: Recently, Dar.Ra has released a solo album called ‘Soul Hours’ a more live organic sound, which was featured as album and artist of the week on Heart FM in Spain.

The album was also used on ABC TV films starring Hilary Duff and been play-listed on UK and European radio stations.

The Soul Hours album has received great feedback from press and radio and is raising the profile of Dar.Ra as a songwriter and producer greatly.

The Soul Hours album has also caught the ears of a film production team in NYC who has asked Dar.Ra to write the score for a new documentary called The City of Hope, which will be filmed in Brazil and has some quality names associated with it.

There is also a new EP titled ‘Now Is Now’ coming out on the label early 2011 which will build on the strength of the Soul Hours material, and will also be strongly placed with The TV and Film Industry before its release.

With a follow up album being planned for 2011, its sure to be an amazing year for Dar.Ra and the Kusha Deep Music label.

For further insights please feel free to visit www.kushadeep.co.uk
or www.soundcloud.com/kushadeep

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