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Michael Anthony Johnson music licensing store
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Michael Anthony Johnson

About Michael Anthony Johnson: Urban Gospel/R&B artist, keyboardist, & songwriter Michael Anthony Johnson was born & raised in Kansas. After sharpening his keyboard skills from noise to joyful noise, he grew his playing and writing skills over time. With a rich black gospel music upbringing, he moved to Dallas Texas to attend Bible College and joined the college's traveling music team. He traveled all over the world and experienced ministering & worshipping with people from diverse cultures, languages & countries. After sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with many, he was mentored by a plethora of pastors that helped his walk with God mature. Today, his new release, “Don't Rush, Just Wait” is a new R&B flavored collection, seasoned with hints of his black gospel roots. The songs, “Lead Me to The Rock” & “With Me” has stretched his audience reach beyond black gospel. He’s enjoying a diverse audience that spans across generational lines. Michael believes his mission is to take this new "sound", around the world. If you ask him what that "sound" is, he says, “it’s the place in a song where you pause because an overwhelming sense of God's presence begins to resonate through a chord, a note or a vocal. It's an undeniable sound that's not only heard with the ear, but experienced in your spirit, and something within your life is changed forever. I want to create that sound forever!”


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