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To Disappear

About To Disappear: On working holiday in Canada in 2010, Australian guitarist Ben Sharples met multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeremy Royal, formerly of Ontario indie-rockers Loomer. Over a shared love of noise, early 90’s alternative rock and melancholy pop, To Disappear was born as a home studio project.

The uniquely deep and mournful vocals of Xavier Martinez Galiana joined the band shortly after, giving the songs a keening voice against the layers of guitar. Hailing from Spain, Xavier, along with British-born drummer Scott Barrow, continued the international personality of the band.

The various nationalities and backgrounds within the band are reflected in the number of different influences absorbed into the music. Elements of shoegaze, post-rock, and new wave are evident in lyric-heavy songs about summers lost at sea, dreams of Bradford Cox and dancing in abandoned towns.

Recorded at Sonic Canoe Studios in Whistler, British Columbia, To Disappear independently released their debut EP “Into” as a free download in April 2011 at www.todisappear.com.

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