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Kevin Pride music licensing store
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Kevin Pride

About Kevin Pride:
The name Kevin Pride might be new to you, but Kevin Pride is not new to music.
Born on February 14th 1978 and raised in Pittsburg California, Kevin has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. In his sophomore album “King of Hearts” he is living up to that name and winning the hearts of loyal followers. Working with Bay Area producers Jeremy Wells and Maurice Njissang to develop and record the project, “King of Hearts” is 8 tracks of simply good music. The recipe for this feel good album is Soul, R&B, hip hop a little funk, some rock, a pinch of house and a dash of electronica. Musician Jay Whitlatch played guitar and bass adding his skill and talent to the project . Kevin’s 1st album “Music for the Soul”, was militant, intellectual and a perspective of the mind and soul. This album is love music, a perspective of the heart and emotion. The greatest thing about the album is that it makes you want to not only dance, but listen to the lyrics as well. Kevin Pride has come into his own and taken his throne as the “King of Hearts”. Won’t you be a loyal subject?

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