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La Laque music licensing store
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La Laque

About La Laque: La Laque is a band that began in Brooklyn, New York, in the fall of 2003. The band creates a beautifully arranged wall of sound with tons of reverb and whispery, sexy French female vocals. Musical elements include screaming surf guitar, garage-style drums, sinewy bass, strings and organ to form a completely unique and beautiful texture that is different from other New York bands. In moments, the band can jump from raucous 60's garage to classy torch music to lush, dreamy indie rock. The melodies are catchy and addictive and the music is equal parts joyous and heartbreaking.

An obvious element of La Laque that sets this band apart from the majority of New York and American bands is that La Laque's vocals are sung in French. This is not done for a cheap gimmick, but because it adds an original and exotic edge to the music. The lyrics don't sound like American stabs at French, either. They are written to include puns, antiquated phrases, obscure old French idioms, and slang. In fact, the band's name is an antiquated 1940's French word for "hairspray" or "lacquer."

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