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Daydream Radio

About Daydream Radio: My name is Jeff DiLorenzo. I am a writer, musician and visual artist...in that order. At an early age I was singled out, my ear was tagged and suddenly something was expected of me. I was pushed toward success and maybe too much was given to me; I began to resent my intelligence and considered it a burden. Over time I became less interested in learning and more interested in knowing. I rejected college despite the chance to attend for free and instead embarked on a journey with no discernible end.

Over the past few years I have seen much of this country and met many of its inhabitants (for better or worse). I have driven through the night more times than I can remember and I have seen the sun rise at the end of the road. Most of this was done in the company of my closest friends and bandmates while on tour or while off tour. Yes I’ve thrown away my share of time but hasn’t everybody? For the artist there is a delicate balance between living and creating and I have too often tipped the scale one way or another. While I remain deeply entrenched in this journey I now feel the need to share – to create.


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