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The Dolomites (Stevhen K. Iancu) music licensing store
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The Dolomites (Stevhen K. Iancu)

About The Dolomites (Stevhen K. Iancu): The Dolomites have been a fluctuating project since 1999 that have belted out an amalgamation of styles and members extracted from around the globe including: Europe, Japan, America, Mexico, South America , etc.
Stevhen Koji Iancu a.k.a. Stefanko-(the founder and primary member of The Dolomites)
is a Japanese-Romanian British Immigrant Pseudo American who puts together a fiery blend of Gypsy music, fusing older Japanese styles of Enka with subtle elements of Cumbia, Ska, Punk, Balkan, Electronic, Hip Hop, 8bit Video Game sounds and several other styles from around the world to make this GLOBAL MONSTER GYPSY MIX.
Over the years the Dolomites have been a constantly evolving band that has performed in many configurations at festivals, colleges and other venues across America, Mexico, Europe and Japan. In a Chuck Berry like fashion, Stevhen Iancu arranges a pick up band for every city in the world the Dolomites perform. Iancu has also been a special guest with numerous groups, including Balkan Beat Box, Yerba Buena, Gypsyliana, The Beaches, Reverend Glasseye, Romashka, and was a touring member of Gogol Bordello.

The music on this site are Iancu's instrumental compositions.

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