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About Changster: I am a simple person, born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am the first generation born here. My interest in the arts started when I was a teenager, as I was infatuated by music from the 60's & 70's, and the hip hop culture. I was also highly interested in kung fu, as I was amazed at the feats my favourite film stars would do on film. I would read all I could on how films are made, how music was produced, and martial arts. As I got older, I found out that you could make a living in these endeavours. I would listen closely to my favourite music & try to recompose it with a synthesizer & a drum machine. I would watch Jackie Chan, and try to do the acrobatics he did. As time went by, my interest swayed me more in the direction of music. It was a hard choice, as I will always love martial arts, but for the level I wanted to achieve, I would have had to give up music.

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