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Michael William Andersen music licensing store
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Michael William Andersen

About Michael William Andersen: My first home ['57-'62] was at 25 Claremont Ave New York, NY 10027-6813 (1.2 miles from the Apollo Theater in Harlem) . I probably was lobotomized in ~1963 but, the operation didn't come to my attention until less than 5 years ago.
My father and stepmother were both in the legal profession and neither was any good at music or athletics. I recently found that I had an Olympic gold medal in swimming. I found some [easy] speed pills in my home when I was teenage, that I couldn't get enough of, and that made the swim workouts effortless. I had a gold medal in the house and queried Mark Spitz, who told me it was the real item. In 1995,
Nancy Farmer timed me in the SLCC pool at 0:53:17 in the 100 yd. free (this was my only time in all of my years swimming).
I make mp3 recordings at home because I auditioned for a professional rock band in the '70's and the listening public didn't get over that I was playing music to them.

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