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A Voice Like Rhetoric

About A Voice Like Rhetoric: What happens when listenability meets originality, and a band creates for the sake of intelligent expression? A Voice Like Rhetoric, four gentlemen inhabiting North Western Pennsylvania, has dug deep and found their niche in a sub-generalized genre of a music scene. They have been described as technical/ post hardcore/ math rock. With such influences as; At the Drive-In, Botch, Cursive, Faraquet, Minus the Bear, and Q and Not U, A Voice Like Rhetoric has started to open both ears and eyes among onlookers.

Recently, A Voice Like Rhetoric has released a 7" vinyl split with the help of A Time And A Place Records, and was featured on a sampler cd which was heavily distributed at the 2006 Vans Warped Tour. Their highly anticipated full length debut, Ethos, now marks an unprecedented new outlook of writing music for A Voice Like Rhetoric.

Ethos is a mix of technical and harmonizing guitar work, fast tempoed percussion, granular bass tone, and sing-screamy vocals. It is somewhere between thinking differently and composing very unconventionally conventional music. A Voice Like Rhetoric's, Ethos, takes influence and creates extremely listenable originality. Its like a punch in the face.

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