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BATAYAH music licensing store
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About BATAYAH: The name BATAYAH is a Hebrew name, which means "Daughter of Yahweh” in Hebrew and translates to “Daughter of the Lord” in English. BATAYAH like her name is a very unique, gifted and anointed singer, songwriter, composer and producer. She began singing at the tender age of 4 years old, in her home church choir and she has been singing every since. She has sang every genre of music from rock and roll, country, folk and classical in school choirs and musical plays, to r&b, funk, neo-soul, big band and her roots, which is gospel, at home, in groups, church choirs, quartets and as a soloist.
BATAYAH has written a variety of songs and her talent and ability to write and arrange songs is displayed in her previous self titled project and her new release entitled “Simply BATAYAH”. The songs are beautiful, unique and meaningful. BATAYAH’s music uplifts the spirit and the soul, is fulfilling and entertaining!
BATAYAH was born in North Carolina to a family of five, with determined and hardworking parents, who struggled to put all of their children through Private School until the 9th grade, so that she and her siblings would know how to pray, lean on the Father's word and sing songs of praise and thanksgiving.
BATAYAH received two degrees a BS and an MBA as well as served as an Officer in the US Armed Forces. She is currently married with a son and is truly humbled and thankful for her anointed gift because she knows who she is and what she was put here to do!


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