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Roster McCabe

About Roster McCabe: Roster McCabe... mixing reggae, funk and guitar-rock... led by Steele's searing vocals and Daum's twisting guitar solos... [is one of] five up-and-coming jam bands that could draw audiences to the festivals of tomorrow. - BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

Roster McCabe sounds like no one and sounds like everyone. The second release of this three-year-old band, "Through Space and Time" demonstrates a deep, fresh, and inventive approach to modern music by twenty something musicians.

Masterfully dipping into reggae, disco, funk, rock, metal, pop, soul and R&B, summing up this album with a single style would be disingenuous and impossible.

From the inspiring reggae based "Swords" admitting in these uncertain times that "love might be the only solid ground" to the club-raver instrumental "Soar" including a guitar solo by Daum that sounds like it was lifted from a Manhattan jazz club in the 1970s, the depth of diversity within this collection of songs secures a full-length listen without fatigue.

The finishing sonic touches were added by mastering engineer Brian "BigBassBrian" Garnder, who has worked with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre.

Playing over 150 shows in 2010, Roster McCabe plans to continue to tour heavily in 2011 promoting this release.

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