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Amanual Christ music licensing store
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About Amanual Christ: Amanual Christ is a very talented artist striving to glorify the Lord B.A.M.N. (by any means necessary) utilizing hiphop, spoken word poetry, DJing, Music/Video Production, Journalism, and str8 up ministry to spread the truth across the Earth. Now preparing for his first album, entitled ‘Clash of the Titans’, A-Manual emerging into the gospel rap scene filled with the holy spirit and spitting inferno with an unprecedent aproch to rapping, producing and DJing. His destiny holds promise, under God’s anointing in his life and now with his life’s mission clear, A-Manual is letting noting hold him back from glorifying the Lord and spreading the gospel.

AMANUAL’S First Single “Father, Father, Father” will be availible on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Napster, GroupieTunes, lala.com, music.com, smackhound.com and emusic very soon! For now check out his mobile ringtones, featuring several songs that will be on his album.

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