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About Sli-Pro: "Sli” a nickname taken from the letters of his first name (Sellaci) started his Djing career back in June of 1992. Being of West Indian decent and named after Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie, Sli always felt like there was a higher calling for his life. He decided to pursue his love of music with a positive spin, DJing.

"My influences are DJ Premier, Large Professor, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock and mostly Jay Dee" says Sli. Sli calls his style "no-format producing, I just jump in and make it".

Since the release of what Sli thought would be his only full length album SLI- M.C. (Mic Clappin') Vol.2 (The Relic), Sli has produced 5 tracks on Abbey Kyat's "2008 Virginia Reggae Award Nominated Album” “Bouk Time”. Sli produced the title song ‘Bouk Time’ and the hit single/SocaOpera song `Me (Mi) Nah Know!' Sli is very proud of the nomination.

And, after a long string of side projects including J.O.- “The X-Periments“, Mike Cold’s critically acclaimed “Much Love”, The Jr'S- “We Back and Sli-Pro’s full length effort M.C. Vol. 3 (The Transform). Sli has been burning up the competition in beat battles and remix competitions in the ATL at Apache Café and other venues. Stay tuned.........


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