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Dubla Music music licensing store
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Dubla Music

About Dubla Music: Dubla [pronounced duhb-uhl-ey] is a producer and entrepreneur born in Mobile, bred in Brooklyn and NYC. He now resides in New Orleans behind a mixing console, drum machine or 1200s laying and layering syncopated rhythms or blending and mixing grooves.

His vast musical ear stems from cultured experiences; a student of music since the age of four with no limitation on musical influence. He founded Dubla Music in 1999 after graduating NYU's Music Business program before landing in New Orleans circa 2002. In 2007, he launched Inner Recess Recording Studios, Dubla Music's in-house recording facility; now one of New Orleans' premier media firms.
He has produced mixed and engineered several full-length albums and collaborated on many singles and EPs with a growing roster of artists.


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