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About sAro: Born in Santa Barbara, CA, sAro (Joshua A. Jones) has been writing and performing music as a solo musician and DJ for 7+ years. Recently trying his hand at electronic music production, sAro expects to not be a typical listen. With influences spanning all music styles and genre, expect to hear a variety of textures, timbres and feelings.

sAro started off in music in high school picking up guitar and singing and it's been a long time since that mold was broken. With an educational background in music theory, he intends his music to be thoughtful, emotional and somewhere outside the box of the main steam media's attention.

Admittedly, it was the more dark and experimental side of drum and bass that pulled his attention to electronic music. After settling in to his local underground scene, he came to find his calling as a DJ in the realm of down-tempo and trip-hop styles. Never liking to stick to one theme for long, expect to hear many and various genres of music out of this up and coming artist.

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