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Jeffrey Philip Nelson

About Jeffrey Philip Nelson: Jeffrey Philip Nelson's love for music and stories flow deep within. His lyrics are truthful and honest, and are sung and played from the heart. He is a true story teller which is proved on his debut album released in early 2010, titled "Could This Be...". The gutsy folk style sound is perfectly matched with his soulful voice, and is reminiscent of an older time. He somehow manages to marry the old and new drawing inspiration from legends such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Paul Simon, along with some newer talent such as Arcade Fire, and M. Ward. Highlights from his debut album include "Alone Trying to find a Home", and "Girl".

Jeffrey is getting ready to release his Sophomore album titled "Badder Times". His second album still has that folk feel we love about him, but is a little edgier and less reserved then "Could This Be". His lyrics are more personal and really draw you in with their candor. You truly finish the album feeling as if you've had a true glimpse into his life.

What is so smart and truly distinctive about Jeffreys sound is that he is the only performer on both albums, every harmonica, guitar, or bass you hear was written and performed by him. His incredible energy and passion for music will undoubtedly capture you. Each song on badder times is unique, but will arrest you with its realness.

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