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About SHAUNLOW: Shaun Kristopher Mays Aka. SHAUNLOW was born january 18th 1986. from an early age in his home town of San Diego California music was a big part of shaun's upbringing .shaunlow started producing music in early 2002 when he discorvred his first beat making program "fruityloops2". since then shaunlows has moved on to bigger and better equipment,with that bringing bigger and better sound.Shaunlows sound ranges from many genres such as east coast west coast down south and trap music.people say he sort of has a orchestra mind set when goin in on a track, but now wit that sound linked up with the Smoke Break Crew San Diego is about to get hit with a not heard of, a little bit of trap mixed wit westcoast and orchestra might be what San Diego needs to get on the map.Shaunlow has produced for local artist such as PeDelay Da Boss,Badd Habit, Straight lace,None Illa,and TrackWide, KB,3DandSox, ShavonC and many more.The name Shaunlow keeps getting bigger and bigger wit the Smoke Brea crew setting up a citywide takeover of the San Diego Hip Hop Game and all of Hip Hop.Smoke Break Records is on the rise for the 2011 and beyond.

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