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About Landerim: Landerim is a band named after a word made up by Robert Wyatt on his album “Rock Bottom,” featuring Larry Demellier (drums, keyboards, vocals), Derek Knott (guitar, bass, keyboards) and John McGuire (keyboards, guitar,
atmospherics). Jessica Bailiff sings duet and backing vocals.

The band was formed by Larry Demellier who asked a couple friends to help out with some ideas and song sketches. Influences include Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Harold Budd, John Cale, Gene Clark and the Byrds, Love and Arthur Lee, Nick Drake, Talk Talk, Scott Walker, King Crimson and Robert Fripp, Yes, Genesis, Judee Sill, Big Star and Pink Floyd.

Most of the pieces were worked up very quickly and recorded immediately to capture the ideas that geled the most before they became stale and rehearsed. The emphasis is mostly on the spaces in a piece of music: very minimal, sparing and quiet arrangements with long flowing chords and few notes. There are some pieces with vocals and some instrumental sections; all created to be fleeting vignettes.

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