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Minotaur Project music licensing store
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Minotaur Project

About Minotaur Project: Minotaur Project is the musical journey of french-hungarian bassist/composer Matt Gabnai, writing a sort-of fusion metal music with an enormous variety of classical and jazz influences, often themed on literature, mythology, movies, or his own experiences.

He started to play bass at the age of seventeen, but music quickly turned out rather a lifestyle for him, than just a hobby. After finishing his years in the local contemporary music school he was a bassist for Budapest-based metal group My Small Community, co-founder of the blues group Peef-Poof Project, and was also known for his work as a sound engineer. In 2010, as he decided to move to Strasbourg, France, and beside joining the heavy-metal group Mystery Blue, the long-waited distribution of his own music -Minotaur Project- has begun, with only a handful of aims to achieve: to provide music with an uncompromised quality of his influences, and to invite as many of his friends and favourite musicians to play with him as possible. Since 2011 he's one of the west-European endorsers of Prolude Amplification.

His videos can be found at his youtube page:

Some of his songs can be freely downloaded through the facebook page of the Minotaur Project:

Prolude Amplification

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