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About Orouni: Orouni plays pop folk songs that have been heralded as part of "the new pop revolution".

To get an idea of how this sounds, try and imagine if The Shins were babies, or Leonard Cohen was happy. Imagine if The Kinks had a girl singing or if Nick Drake went electric. With a touch of exotic feel.

After a first album that came out in 2006, Orouni has a new LP (Jump Out The Window) out on MonsterK7. This very active French label already released thematic compilations (in the same vein as 90s mixtapes), organized very special shows in Paris and the rest of France, and discovered the very talented artist Michael Wookey.

Orouni has been featured on French site La Blogoth?que (best known for their Take Away shows) and music blog Said the Gramophone. Songs such as "Panic At The Beehive" and "Open It In May" have been depicted as "wonderfully exciting" by American blog BiBaBiDi.

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