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Diles music licensing store
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About Diles: Diles is a certified audio engineer, beat maker, Hip-Hop emcee, and producer
out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Diles is a proud graduate of the Conservatory of
Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona. With no other formal training
in music, Diles has explored the world of sound vibration intimately throughout
his adult life. Like the legends who have inspired him, Diles has locked himself in
bedrooms and basements for months at a time to hone his craft.

Diles is the founder and lead architect behind Visceral View Enterainment, defined
as “Conviction Arising From One’s Mental Or Spiritual Being, Obtained Through
Intuition Rather Than Reasoning”. This business-oriented arts
collective is focused on nourishing and expanding creative community, developing
young artists, and supporting artists in pursuit of their dreams.

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