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Andi Silvas

About Andi Silvas: A rising country-pop-fusion artist from the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona), Andi Silvas comes into the spotlight bringing a uniqueness of spice to the country music world with her Latin roots. Silvas started out listening to Jazz, Traditional Mariachi, Traditional Country, Pop and R&B but fell in love with the country waltz and the 2-step while teaching ballroom dance lessons at one of many dance studios franchised by Fred Astaire. With this new found love, Andi began tapping-in to her appreciation for country music and enjoying legends such as Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, and Martina McBride. Singer, songwriter, musician, and dancer by nature, Silvas’ has an outgoing and contagious spirit. People are drawn to her and she often inspires others to believe. One artist/painter (Anthony Liggins) was inspired after one meeting to produce a painting he calls “Silvas Love Groove 8”. Her bubbly personality shines through in alls he does. Silvas explains, “My driven inspiration behind my music is life. Life is nature, experiences, people, obstacles, failures, successes, and yes even pure boredom!” Silvas’ hope for her music is that it helps others heal and/or get them through a difficult situation to ultimately reveal happiness.Her biggest accomplishment includes being named Billboard.com 4th most viewed video, “I’d Rather Be Happy”, during the month of May 2010; proving that she has what we call the “IT FACTOR”!

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