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The Honey Den

About The Honey Den: We are a folk group, but don't think whispering vocals and sleepy acoustic guitar. Sonia sings using her full vocal arsenal that includes belting and even scat! Her sweet and soulful voice is the icing on the richly layered cake that is The Honey Den. You’ll hear our sound is inclusive of the jazz, gospel, funk and soul influences that buzz our ears.

The core of The Honey Den are Sonia and James. We write, sing and play guitar on all the tunes. As any apple eater will tell you, a core on its own isn’t particularly tasty so the remainder of our little apple is made up of our friends contributing their musical parts and together we make appetising music. I’ll steer clear of writing ‘good and healthy too’.

We're based out in south east London, tinkering away at compositions. An idea for a melody here, a sequence of chords there. Scratchings of songs recorded at home lay the foundation for our friends to collaborate and add their instrumentation to the mix. We normally record our final versions of our tunes in the studio, or at the very least finalise them in a studio. Nowadays our songs role out wave after wave. When they’re ready, they’re out there to be heard. Unlike some shy little tunes that require an album of music, our songs stand on their own two feet. I guess you could say we picture them all as a single, a radio friendly song.

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