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Man of Many Names music licensing store
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Man of Many Names

About Man of Many Names: One day, 14 year old, Fa’nen Dimah came home from another bad day of school. He locked himself in his room and wrote a song titled “My Pain”. During this time, he was struggling with depression and contemplating suicide. He didn’t tell anybody except the paper that he wrote lyrics on. He quickly discovered his joy for writing lyrics. He used these lyrics as therapy to get through his depression. He started to record on a tape player with beats he found online and soon , one song became 30 songs. He hesitantly let his brother hear his music and soon they were recording music together. Fa’nen never wanted to let other people hear his music but it was through this music where he felt more and more confident about himself. He kept writing and kept on sharing his stories until the depression was gone. It was since then, that Fa’nen realized how powerful music could be. He decided that he would help others with the messages in his music the way it helped him. He would aspire to inspire as many people that he could, speak for the underdogs and the oppressed, He is the Man of Many Names.

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