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A Beautiful Mess music licensing store
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About A Beautiful Mess: A Beautiful Mess came together from four friends that remained close for years. The band's nucleus is formed from three different bands. Rich, Brandon, and Alexei, were all members of Subtle. An accoustic project that turned into a great little band with some local fanfare. Rich and Brandon went on to form Unsettle. A kick ass rock band, with catchy hooks and melodies. Eric was the drummer for The Summerland. A great Emo/Alternative band with powerful songs, and a great live show as well. James came to the band when his cover band Rhino Groove was rehearsing at The Jam House, on the same night the rest of the guys were playing just down the hall. He stopped in , and decided to join the band. James brings real powerful vocals, and a great stage presence to the group. We're five guys that appreciate anyone and everyone who comes to our shows. Hope to see ya there!!

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