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About TRU BORN: Kreese Tru Born Cole was born on February,3rd 1980
on the south side of Brooklyn to Rigina & Jerry Cole who lived in Red Hook Projects.Kreese grow up listening to music and singing songs at the age of six. His oldest brother Sha also inspired Kreese to do rap music.During the years of being around his immmediate family Kreese noticed he had a talent and loved the attention he got when he would perform in front of people.
When Kreese was fourteen years old he lost his mother,And rapping and singing was not about fun anymore it became apart of his life so his music was more from his heart and with a message.that gave rise to the name TRU BORN.In 1996 he was introduced to a group called Black Army were Tru Born did a few songs with the group and got a good buzz but had the wrong connections so after the group separted Tru Born continued working on his own stuff and hooked up with 2 up and coming producers Frank Perry and SilkBeatz and with there help TRU BORN gives you his Life his Vision and his World .

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