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Ricky Lorenzo music licensing store
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Ricky Lorenzo

About Ricky Lorenzo: I was born in South Africa, on the 7th of April 1980. I had a love for music and discovered at a young age that I have an ability to sing. I first started playing guitar at age twelve and natural ability allowed me to excel at playing. It was only at age 14 when I discovered that I could write lyrics and at age 17 my first full length song was inspired by a girlfriend who broke my heart. Other songs have been written much later in my musical career. In 2005, I equipped myself with a mixer microphone and a standard Pentium 4 PC and laid down 'Pretty Girl" early in 2006. After that followed one of the older songs "A Brighter Day' which is the title track to my first compilation of recording. Other song that was written in 2005 was A song for mom, Lonely Hearts, Please don't take your love away and Sweet dreams. I also recorded song such as Valentine and My broken heart for the first time. I briefly got involved with producing demo's for some of the local artists during 2006. 2007 brought a bit of a different flavour and I started moving out of the softer contemporary music and songs such as 'Brand new you and me" was written. As time passed I put another compilation together called: The Re-Take, with songs such as "I love it" and "The only man for you" and "If I could spend forever with you". My music is not based in just one genre, but a combination of different influences creating a very unique sound. Much Love RL

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