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Born in 1987, Mike Woodley always aspired to be a professional musician. When his parents weren't looking, he would sneak into their room and pick up the old classical guitar that belonged to his mother. This is where it all began. Randall Woodley, Mike's father, showed him how to play bar chords and simple 1-4-5 blues. In Randall's words, "Michael has always had an aptitude for it." Mike went on to play electric guitar as he progressed with his music, getting his first as a christmas gift. Mike has written over 325 original compositions, and will always be writing.

"When I was growing up, I listened to just about every kind of music available. Much of the world music came later, due to my own interests, but I still had an eclectic taste throughout childhood. Music for me is not just a passion or a way of life, it is life. It breeds all kinds of emotions that help and heal people.

While some, or even many may not like my music, I will keep making it. Sure, some of the tunes I create make little or no sense, but they feel and sound good to me. Playing music is about expression, and if I happen to be in a weird mood, then I shall write weird music."

~Mike Woodley


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