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Deep Sister

About Deep Sister: Deep Sister is a Los Angeles based performer. Her influences cover a wide range of sounds from artists like Anita O’Day, Gene Krupa, Sarah Vaughn, to Zappa, Laura Nyro, Massive Attack, Beck, Lamb, & The Herbalsaier,
Deep Sisters musical influences helped her experiment with what could be referred to as a perfect storm of sound. She is now pairing her voice with lyrics and music as she sets her sights on her true passion which is exploring a collaboration of chill-out electronic music with a bit of an acoustic sound.

She has played in bands and explored her song writing abilities in Boston and eventually in L.A. Along the way she has produced and written for Television as well as paired with many local songwriters reaching across several genres in collaboration.
Deep Sister’s writing stems from her expansive influences, vocal sensibilities and her love of melody and words. Having always been an admirer of the merger between Jazz and electronic music, her latest soon to be released CD entitled Silk The Sandpipers, will prove to display quite solidly her unique and sophisticated sound mixed with the sense of fun you can tell she’s having along the way.

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