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About decker.: “Every song is like a prayer.” So said a fan of Sedona, AZ singer-songwriter Brandon Decker, musically known simply as, “Decker.” This is not to say that either he or his music is religious by any means, but his songs delve into the human heart and the human condition. Not quite rock, not quite folk, his acoustic-based music draws upon a variety of influences; from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, from Cat Power to PJ Harvey.

On October 7, 2011 Brandon Decker released "Broken Belts, Broken Bones," a 7-song EP marking his third release in 24 months off of his own independent label, Mescal Porch Records.

Aside from writing, recording, producing and releasing the albums, Decker and his band have toured the country relentlessly, playing 200+ shows in the time span, tracking 30,000+ miles while performing in various clubs, coffeehouses and street performing to sustain their musical existence. And they show no sign of stopping.


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