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About Rieser: RIESER are an INDIE/ROCK band from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. They have steadily, over the past couple of years, gathered a strong and loyal following, performing gigs all over the U.K. and featuring on local and national radio as well as internet radio and download charts.

Over the past few months RIESER have been getting airplay in countries out with the UK such as USA, CANADA, JAPAN and AUSTRALIA. Supported top acts such as The View, Aberfeldy, Polytechnic, Dogs Die In Hot Cars and The Grim Northern Social.


“One of the Best Scots Rock Debuts of the Year!’”
Jim Gellatly, XFM Scotland, April 07

“RIESER have created a fantastic, many faceted jewel of an album that refuses to be pigeonholed. With the UK music scene turning into groups from New Rave to Grime it''s a fresh approach to take from many pools but create something unique to yourself. This band have the musical armoury and the dedication as their song Rock Star shouts: " I wanna be a rock star". Let''s hope a record label gives them their dream.”
Rick Fulton, Daily Record, June 07

Keith Easton (Manager) 07703 527 970 K.Easton@hw.ac.uk
Mike Edie (Band) 07727 095 777 fdbass@hotmail.com


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