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About FerimaFaye: Imagine having the ability to sing a beautiful song whenever you’d like; to dance to the hottest pop song and not skip a beat. FerimaFaye grew up with the notion that everyone had the ability to entertain, but as she grew older and began getting praised for her talents, she realized that life is not so. FerimaFaye was born on March 12th, in New York City. The 5’10 Amazonian knockout is of African descent. Her parents are from Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, so she was raised with a deep connection to the motherland as well as a reverence for American culture.

Ferima writes songs based on life experiences. Ferima found that she sang with more passion and connected to her audience on a greater level when she did so. On the contrary she also mastered performing Pop, R&B, and Alternative Rock songs with her own signature twist. FerimaFaye’s voice is a blend of sultry sounds and diaphragm control that keeps her fans clamoring for more.

This ethnically diverse entertainer’s star power transcends races and cultures. “I have the power to change the world with my voice and entertain the masses.” -FerimaFaye

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