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The American Strays

About The American Strays: The American Strays hail from St. Paul, Minnesota and primarily consist of singer/keyboardist/songwriter, Suzanna Kennedy and songwriter/drummer, Matt Horner. The band is their brainchild, and their music is uprooted straight from the rustic soil where Americana/roots rock music is planted, while always searching for fertile ground, to create without borders. A& R man Ted Myers, formerly of Concord and Rhino Records, commented, “I’m partial to Americana music, and you guys have a really fresh and real approach to it.”

That approach, from their debut, 6-song EP, was aided by California producer Scott Mathews whose method showcases a stylized Americana/roots rock mix with crossover appeal. Using everything from a dulcimer to a sitar to even layering an on-the-spot, classical radio broadcast into their third track “Bound,” each song is stamped with its own identity, centered by Kennedy’s distinct, bold vocals. “There is a unique vocal persona happening here that that really stands out in the huge crowd of female singers,” again says A&R man Ted Myers.

Matt met Suzanna when he was searching for a female voice to sing his songs and heard her sing John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” in a local haunt one night. He introduced himself, and they’ve been tethered at the souls ever since, writing and playing music together in one incarnation or another. This time, it’s The American Strays.

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