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Sir Cracker

About Sir Cracker: At 32 years old i’ve had the chance to learn plenty but it’s never enough., using everyday as a band new day to learn a band new thing. if not learn a whole new thing then an opportunity to re insure the things i do know. iI’m pretty hype to shit and i read them real quick. so i know that w/ time things need to be renewed or up graded. when i was in the 6th grade (this is when i really got in to science) the teacher was explaining what and how a “Science Project” was. I thought its was easy enough and all ready had things id like to find the answers to. So (im a person that LOVES to find out if a person is BULLSHITTING me (especially a teacher). i was going to find out two things in this 1 opportunity (my original thing and if the teacher was gaking my dick. turns out i got first place in that fair. i never placed any more of my Science Projects in a fair for people to see but id be lying if i said that i dont still put them on display for the people to see.

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