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The Tarpaulins music licensing store
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The Tarpaulins

About The Tarpaulins: If you take The Cure, The Pixies, New Order and Joy Division and season it with a hint of Jane’s Addiction you will have a good idea of what the tarpaulins emergency kisses tastes like.

the leader of the tarpaulins Omar Fuentes has a very direct way of putting things together... as the guitar player, singer and song writer he has never backed down from a challenge.

as the tarpaulins have spent the last decade honing their skills and sound as a band as well a band of brothers. The final product emergency kisses! With Sam Fuentes playing keyboards and bass and George Lopez on drums and percussion these young men hardly find it boring with Omar’s switches, pitches and signature sound.

for fun the tarpaulins are constantly looking for ways to place subliminal notes into the music and split the seams of the expected sound, the tarpaulins defiantly take a big risk in emergency kisses and their lo-fi rendition of Joy Divisions "Dead Souls" and it definably works.

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