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Company of Sharks music licensing store
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Company of Sharks

About Company of Sharks: From the horses' mouth: Derek McKinley and Todd Matsunaga - moody rock dance...oh yeah!

Both of us have been making music for the better part of 15 years, and we became sick of hearing the same 2 things:

You are not an engineer, therefore you have no business recording yourselves
“Oh, I would have done that differently”

This is not to say that we’ve lost respect for those dedicated folks who can sit in front of a car sized mixing console for 96 hours straight… It’s more that we’ve gained respect for all of those peeps like us who are working full time, heading home, and trying to capture that perfect mix, with nothing more than a laptop, a mic, some instruments and some ideas… Further more, we’ve gained respect for all those people who have the balls to put those ideas out there…

Honestly, our main motto for the past 3 years has been “whatever comes out, comes out” and we’ve kept that phrase very close to heart.

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