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Q Artist Name _Authentic International Music Group music licensing store
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Q Artist Name _Authentic International Music Group

About Q Artist Name _Authentic International Music Group: Performer, writer, and composer Q stands for the "Q" Queen She just loves the music divas. Her writing experience began as a poet, and author of short stories. Oddly enough Q did not start her songwriting, recording and performance career until much later; "After 50," she says with a smile. However, no one seems to guess her age. Her motto, "Just live your dreams… God will provide the rest; which is why she exhibits attitude and energy in each and every performance. Q writes and performs Pop, Jazz, Trip-Hop, and R& B, Pop Rock, Blues, Gospel as well Opera mezzo soprano. When it comes to her musical musings it is every genre, giving her music its style and flavor that has taken on international appeal. Q is described as sultry, soulful, sexy, orgasmic, climatic, energetic and sometimes downright amusing. "Liar, Liar" and "Who Left Your Doggie Out" are two examples of Q's ability to write and perform provocative yet entertaining lyrics. You can hear her gift of Classical mastery on her EP "Who Left Your Doggie Out" where she delivers a short dedication to Michael Jackson with the aria "Lasciatemi morire!" ... Download 'Liar, Liar' EP from iTunes Now!!!

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