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About DecadeZ: For Artist,Producer,Singer,Songwriter,& Audio Engineer DecadeZ...It's been a long road... Starting out dancing and singing at the tender age of only 5 Year's old... It seemed as if music was always in this young man's blood... So many tragedies has happened to this individual in his youth that his overall mindset and focus is much more ahead of its time then alot of individuals that are his age. Having a general knowledge of playing the piano and the guitar also doesn't harm him in the several fields which he excels in.... To date he has many accomplishments that wouldn't fit on this small spot. Growing up in a household where it was only him and his single mother taught DecadeZ responsiblity and to always try to perfect whatever it is that he did. Alot of people call him one of the most hard-working musician period. He has a uncanny ability to always focus on a goal and work continuously in order to achieve it. His style is a mix of Ludacris's Brash Delivery,Kanye West's Cockiness, and Lil Wayne's Swagger. As a boy, he was always very intelligent and complex... but now as a man, he's heightened to a new awareness. Platinum Songwriter Osei Jenkin's(Of Trilogy Productions) describe his sound as "Electro R&B" in the vein of a sound that's ahead of his time....

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