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wilfried dockx music licensing store
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wilfried dockx

About wilfried dockx: Wilfried Dockx (1955)
The executive office of a managing director in transport and real estate stands far from the music industry, where singers, songwriters, producers and musicians are seen as aliens from another universe. Wilfried however, executive manager within the boardroom of the family’s business, has never disconnect from music.
Wilfried is born, raised and greased in Antwerp, city of the worldport and maritime gateway to Western and Central Europe, and is a composer/songwriter who I hooking catchy tunes with a twist into a melody. In every sense he is a songsmith who is plunging melodies and tunes emerging in his mind. Then, in a split second, a sudden tune stands out, he catches it and wraps it into a verse & chorus structure. A structure that turns in an organic way to an embryonic song that is birth ready in a few minutes or that takes a full pregnancy period of nine months.
The essence of Wilfried’s songwriting urge is, that in his heart he is a singer and it is from this singing germ that every song is born. A song that needs to be sung.

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