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About GMJ: GMJ, French producer appears as a new talent in the Hip Hop scene.

On January 5th, GMJ released his first album: « NO BORDERS »
…Currently, the sales of this L.P. are totaling 10 000 copies.


In February another project see the light, probably his best one , S.SQUAIR BLAQ ( from ANIMATE OBJECTS) & GMJ did a incredible project mixing Hip-hop , Soul,Rn’b ,Electro, Funk …
GMJ come to Chicago for recording this project, Blaq & G got a amazing chemistry during the record and share very good music time. Currently the project is ready to drop but they find the best way for get the biggest hear from people.

June , GMJ is connected by the legendary SUPERNATURAL for do a remix of his big single “ALTITUDE” dropped in 2010 . This one got a huge success and got good support from I-tunes who posted upfront the single during one month in France, Canada,USA, Japon,UK,Germany….

Currently he works with one talented singer from CHICAGO called LESTER JAY , they take a Pop commercial /Rn’b way to touch a largest public and get recognize from people …The potential is big ,Lester and Gmj could get the success they wait since a long time

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